Ecostat Economy Digital Thermostat

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Simple to use, Quality, & Cost-effective Digital Thermostat.

For controlling temperature using Heat Cords, Lamps, Heat Mats, Aquarium Heaters, Air Conditioners Etc.

Great entry level or backup thermostat for Reptile keeping, Aquariums, Chicken brooders, Bird Brooders, Whelping Boxes and more.


    • Colour: White

    • Rated voltage: 220-240V AC

    • 50HZ Maximum

    • load power: 1500W

    • Controllable Temperature Range : -9 to +39 degree

    • Plug: AU plug

    • Probe Line Length: 2450mm

    • Dimensions: 120x63x32mm

    • Sensor: Waterproof


Operating Instructions:

  • Plug-in Thermostat.
  • Press + or – buttons to set your desired cut-off temperature.
  • Plug the heating device into Thermostat.