Heat Mat 20W, 42 x 28cm, EcoRept

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EcoRept 20W Heat Mat

42x28cm, 220-240v, AU Plug

We all know that Reptiles are ectothermic (cold-blooded) and in the natural environment, they spend a fair part of their day warming them self on rocks or other sun-drenched surfaces.

The EcoRept Heat Mat can be set up to emit heat from the base of the terrarium through the substrate or through the side walls to imitate a surface warmed by the sun or in the case of nocturnal animals the residual heat of the day.

EcoRept Heat Mats are suitable for 24-hour primary or secondary heat source for Desert, Tropical or Temperate reptile species.

We always recommend the use of a thermostat in conjunction with a EcoRept Heat Mat.

  • Perfect for glass terrariums
  • An important source of heat for Reptiles, amphibians, aquariums, insects and arachnids
  • Can be mounted underneath or on the side of terrariums


Safety Information:

  • Do NOT bend or cut
  • Do NOT submerge in liquid