Reptile Hides Economy

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The reptile hides offset opening gives your reptile adequate area to hide and sleep, providing optimum shelter for you animals wellbeing.

Reptile hide boxes,  reusable and easily cleaned for hygiene or continual reuse for breeding programs. 

These are made from high quality eco-friendly Polypropylene (plastic).

Small: 14.50 cm Long 9.50 cm Wide H 6 cm High,     Entry Size: W 4 cm H 4.50 cm   

Medium: 24.50 cm Long 17.50 cm Wide 5.50 cm High,     Entry Size: W 5 cm H 4 cm

Large: 33cm Long 23cm Wide 8.5cm High,       Entry Size: W 6.5cm H 6cm

X-Large: 41cm Long x 27cm Wide x 11cm High


BFH XX-Large: 50cm Long x 34cm Wide x 15cm High